No shit. I have NEVER EVER to update my blog in english and now i have to do it ; __ ; *panic* well.. this is going to feil, but try to understand it. My english in school is .. 5 or 6? So.. i don't want to hear comments like: "YOU ENGLISH SUCKS!" "TRY TO LEARN IT BEFOR YOU WRITE IT!" Hello! I know that already so .. Shh.. >8|


1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag

Things about me

1. I have a dream. BIG dream. And it all what i have
2. My self confidence is.. little bit .. bad ? hehe..
3. I don't trust ANYBODY.
4. I'm afraid to talk with new persons
5. amh.. you don't have to be genius that you get me angry.
6. I really am very shy. No one just doesn't believe it becouse i'm so tall.
7. I like to do things what i can't. Like.. my drawings isn't beatyfull, but still i like to draw.
8. The Gazette is very important to me. The band is just what band can be. Like another family. I love the way how they live. It isn't only music why i love them. Gazette's guys are interesting people!
9. I'm basist and i'm proud of it.
10. aam.. I'm really trying to learn japanese, english (really! I want to be good at it!) and another languages.
11. My hobby is horse riding and i have riding about 10 years.

Guestions that i get:

1. What's the place you feel completely safe?

- Well. I think that place like that isn't in this world.

2 What your favorite style icon?
- äää! Don't ask so hard guestions.. i just wear clothes, which are comfortable.

3. Tell about yur favorite band/bands?
- You know all on it.. Gazette is my favorite band. And why ? Read it up ^

4. What's your the biggest dream?
- I won't tell it. So many peoples are laught to me becouse it so.. i don't tell it anymore.

5. What kind of family you have?
- It ins't normal, but at least it ins't the worst that i could have.. My mom reminds me to Hitler.

6. Tell about house where you would want to live in future?
- It would be townhouse and there HAVE TO be big backyard to my dogs! ^^

7. What's the most horrible nightmare you have ever seen?
- My friends left me alone and about 4 horses run over me..

8. Do u have any bad habits?
- I eat too much of chocolate (and everything else, too!)

9. What's you favorite dessert?
- i don't eat desserts but i like to strawberry soup

10. What's your favorite blog?
- Mm.. I'm not sure, becouse only blogs what i follow, is my friends blog.

11. What would you like to say to you when you were five years old?
- Be what you be and enjoy when you can.

My guestions:
1. Tell about your school?
2. How you relax after hard week?
3. What is your hobby?
4. Have you any pets? If you do, what kind of?
5. What did you do today?
6. What is the worst memory what you have ?
7. And what is most wondeful memory what you have?
8. Do you know, what you want to be when you are grown-up ? (if, tell me what you want to be!)
9. What candy do you love?
10. Tell something about your idol?
11. What do you afraid?

I want YOU to answer:Kata
(sorry, i don't have time to link you or tell you this! ; __ ;)

I alive after this english post.

- See you!

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  1. Gaaaah. Vitsit jotain enkkuu. >:I en mä osaa, mä oon blondi. no ehkä mä silti kuitenki yritän tehä tän :D

    1. C'moon. Kat enste kui pahasti toi kusas :D


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