Becouse i don't have another life than computer

Yeah. Guess what people! My first update which is only for english! Ok, it's so short that's the reason. But anyway. I have not anything special, but i was so bored that i have to do something. So i start to update.

Yesterday i go to library. I borrowed two different  series. "Princess Princess" which is BL (= boy love= yaoi) and Basilisk which is some samurai stuff. I haven't read Basilisk yet. Princess Princes was so.. weird! I don't know how it is BL. There doesn't happened anything! O__O I was so disappointed.  It telss about boyschool where 3 boys at first glass must be princess. And something. But there wasn't lovestory or something. And the  story was difficult to understand and well.. it was boring.

I have study languages about two weeks. Swedish and little bit english. I also have thinked about my next year. It become very hard, but i laughed when i notice my 3. period's friday. Only _one_ lesson and it's psychology which is very easy to me ! :3 Anyway. I don't know how i have time to anything else at first period. I have 9 subject + riding + band + another life maybe. :____: Well it will go to night job i think- no.. i know it go! BUT! I will survive! >_< i died at 4 period when i have 2 english kurs and swedish kurs and englishs are in a row. It means that i sit 2 x 75min in same place. How fun it will be.

Oh. That is our band logo. I like it even i drew it by myself. Our drummer ask if i could try to drawn heart and knife which go trought the heart. I sayd that i can try but i don't promise that i can do it. I didn't know that he means heart like .. well i how i explain it. "<3" - heart. If you understant so i drew that. He like it very much and our guitarist liked it too. I should paste our band's name it and photoshoped it, but.. too lazy to do it XD

It maybe was there. I have not anything to say anymore. Tomorrow Tinja will come to here. I'm happy. At least i can go outside becouse i have friend with me. I don't like to be at city alone.

I FORGET TO TELL..! I cut my.. "front".. hair a little.. What you think ? nwn' I know. It bad picture and i look awful, but anyway

- See you!

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  1. Heij sähän leikkasit hyvin ton otsatukan >8D

    1. oii..! kiitos >w< Äiti totes mulle jälkeepäi: "Ois meillä ihan parturisaksetki ollu.." ja mä vedin noi fiskarsseilla =w=

    2. Hooh x'DD no mut seuraavan kerran sitten >3


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